Black Women Network - Social Networks deSigned with Women of Color in mind.
Black Women Network - Social Networks deSigned with Women of Color in mind.
Black Women Network

Welcom to Black Women Network, a collection of Black Social Networks deSigned with Women of Color in mind, all of which were founded and created by LaShanda Henry.

Ms Henry has been developing black websites for years, some of her most popular sites being Multiple Shades of You Online, Black Business Women, Blackhairopedia, and the Black Moms Club.

In creating these spaces, her goal is to develop online communities in which people of color can connect, network, and inspire positive changes within the Black Community at large.

If you would like to contact her email:
lhenry [at]
Black Women Online - Free eBook for Women of Color featuring the best Black Websites, Blogs, Social Networks, Directories, and more.
Black Business Women Online
The Social Network for Black Women in Business and Women Entrepreneurs of Color. Network. Market. Support Black Business. Start a business. Grow.
Black Moms Club
The Social Network for Mothers of Color Online. Find support, parenting information, new mommy tips, and more. Connect with other mocha moms, stay at home moms, share your photos, stories, family phases, and more.
What Black Women Think
From the Block to the Boardroom, Black Women are redefining who they are in America, across the African Diaspora and throughout cyber space. 'What Black Women Think' is both a series of video clips and growing social network, on which Black Women can discuss our issues our way.
Black Girl Click
The Black Portal for Black Women, the Black Girl Click showcases a directory for Black Women, Blogs by Black Women, Businesses by Black Women, and an online Advertising Network designed as a marketing tool for Black Businesses Online.
Multiple Shades of You Online
The premier Black Web Portal and online network of positive Black Sites for People of Color. Featured msoy pages include the Search Urban Black Websites Directory, eZine for Girls of Color, Mahogany Momma Magazine, and Lil' Bits site for African American Children Online.
Black Writers Connect
From Black Authors and Writers to Black Bloggers and Book Clubs, 'Black Writers Connect' is an online social community for Black Writers, Black Bloggers, and Black Entrepreneurs iinterested in sharing, promoting, or publishing their own books.
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Social Networks deSigned with Women of Color in mind.